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Our site is under construction currently while we gather product. So, take your time to look around, and learn all there is to know about what we will be providing so far. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to check out what we have so far on our social media at the bottom of the page as well. We apologize sincerely for the long delay on our store start up, but it will be right around the corner for the New Year! We are officially starting up the online store before the end of this week, so be ready for amazing product to arrive! We encourage you to feel free to explore our site!!

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"Changing the world, one miracle at a time."

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Mindful ME/MME is a California-based company and is a natural based mindfulness company that will be there to educate, support and suggest to individuals, businesses, hospitals/medical facilities (all in clinical practice) and communities who support and choose to use this medicine, in any form, with a purpose. Through our process, we will facilitate information and a mindfulness experience that is filled with education and information of the purposeful medicinal use of health and wellness products: Cannabidiol (CBD). Our approach is to get the human race to be open to being mindful, educated and to somatic healing on a transpersonal level that can change your state of mind and body for life.

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